Daily Updates of Deerfield Beach High School by the award winning Pathfinder Newspaper, a product of the CBA Magnet Program.

Back To School

As we all know summers in and school’s out, and it’s all about the worry free days. Though, are students informed of when these days will come to an end and school will start all over again? Looking at the [...]

Sit for the SAT

The SAT or other wise known as The Scholastic Aptitude Test is a entrance exam into almost every college around America. The SAT is very important if you plan on attending a two or four year university. The [...]

Suns Out, Fun Out

What time is it? Its summer time! The school year is finally coming to an end. After about 180 school days the school year will be ending on Friday, June 8th. The last day of school will be an early release [...]

A Clear Path

In order to help guide students towards a successful future, the Guidance Department have introduced a website. This comprehensive website, Family Connection, allows students to make clear plans about college [...]

Graduands To Graduates

The time has finally come. The seniors of Deerfield Beach High School are leaving the nest and becoming adults. On Sunday, June 4th, the seniors will graduate and soon will have left the home of the Bucks [...]

Dream Big

The Lady Bucks and other female high school students have been given the opportunity to experience engineering in one of the best ways. The Museum of Discovery and Science will be hosting its Women in [...]

Debate Commemoration

The Debate team has put together a celebration for the end of the year. In reward for their hard work, the members will be having pizza party at Cici’s Pizza. The event will give students the chance to have [...]

A Trip Around The World

In 2018, students will be given a year full of fun opportunities and activities for to attend, such as taking a trip out of the country. In the summer of 2018 students from multiple schools will have an [...]

Trip To Success

It's time to celebrate! All MTL students will be getting ready to enjoy a luxurious field trip to the University of South Florida. At the start of the trip students will be learning about college life, college [...]

Life Choices

So many choices to choose from but in the end it can only be one. Career Day is one of the most important days in every high school student’s life. It is where they can set a path to follow in life. They can [...]