Daily Updates of Deerfield Beach High School by the award winning Pathfinder Newspaper, a product of the CBA Magnet Program.

Can’t Graduate Without It

It’s the time of year where beloved seniors will be leaving and getting ready for the next step in their lives. For this reason, seniors should not forget their cap and gowns, as they will be celebrating [...]

Money Tree for the Free

This fall, Posse Miami is looking for high school candidates to become Posse scholars. The Posse Foundation has identified, recruited and trained 7,728 public high school students with extraordinary academic [...]

The Work Is Never Finished

Although the year is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that SGA is doing the same. The Student Government Association at Deerfield Beach High School is in charge of school wide events, such as pep rallies, [...]

Bucks from Bucks

When participating in the upcoming fundraiser, Deerfield Beach High School students become eligible into winning a pizza party. Master Gunnery Sergeant, Alberto Gomez of the schools MCJROTC has organized a [...]

Don’t Forget About The Forms!

Its about that time of year again, underclassmen. Yup, its Exam Exemption time. Students will be given their forms Wednesday, May 24th during first period. In order to be eligible to exempt a class, students [...]

Junior College Night

Class of 2018 there’s only one more year until graduation. Confused about next year’s agenda? Junior College Night is the place to be. On May 23rd 6:00p.m. Ms. Davis, Brace advisor, will be covering [...]

Going to Jail for the Right Reasons

The word “Jail” brings negative thoughts to many and would not be considered an ideal location for a field trip to many more. However, Deerfield Beach High School takes it on as an educational trip in [...]

Don’t Forget About SAC

Now that the end of the year is fairly close, the last school Advisory Council Meeting is near. SAC meetings occur to inform parents and students about upcoming events around the school. Due to the year being [...]

Practicing for The Big Day

After four long years, Deerfield Beach High seniors will finally walk the stage and have the honor of being the graduating class of 2017. However, before the celebration begins on June 4th, senior bucks will [...]

Go Out With A Bang!

The final days of high school are around the corner and the taste of freedom is in the air. However before the seniors are able to graduate, there are a few more obstacles they will have to encounter. Besides [...]