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Freshmen Roundup
The Welcoming Party is here for Class of 2021! Deerfield Beach High’s administration and staff will be working Wednesday, August 16th to make sure schedules are ready and the school is opened for 2017 Freshmen Roundup. Parents and students can head to the gymnasium to meet with administration. After the presentation is complete, all freshmen students may receive their 2017-2018 schedules from designated areas. New Bucks may take some time to find their room locations for Monday, August 21st.

For more information on Class of 2021 click here.

Code of Student Conduct
The Emergency Contact and Code of Student Conduct forms for your child can be completed online, which means parents/guardians can now complete the Emergency Contact and Code of Student Conduct forms online. Please note, you will need your child’s student identification number to complete the forms. But online forms are easy to complete and all data is protected and secure. Parents that prefer to use hardcopy forms or have questions, you can find them on Broward Schools’ website.

Pinnacle Grades

Deerfield Beach High School uses an online grade system called Pinnacle. We invite you to use the Parent Viewer. The viewer allows parents and students to access real-time grades and attendance via the internet.

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Online Payments

Making payments for school activities, lunch, fundraisers is easier than ever! Everything is all in one place.

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Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is the sixth largest school district in the nation and the second largest in the state of Florida. See the District News that showcases everything BCPS has to offer.

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Reporting Abuse

In order to meet compliance with State Statute Policy 5.3 requiring schools to display information regarding reporting of Child Abuse, Neglect, and abandonment, we have the correct process below.

Learn more about the signs and the reporting of abuse. →

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