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Youth Health and School Climate SurveyDeerfield Beach High School has been selected to participate in the Broward County Public Schools’ Youth Health and School Climate Survey. This survey is supported by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention of Adolescent School Health(DASH) to help the school district learn about the health behavior and experiences in school of 9th through 12th grade students. The survey will take one class period to complete. Each student will receive a parent/guardian opt-out form. Students will only need to return this sheet if they do out have permission to take the survey.


Exemption FormsStudents will receive exam exemption form from their first period teacher Tuesday, November 29th. Exam exemption forms will be due Friday, December 2nd at 2:30pm in Student Affairs. Students may exempt up to 3 exams per semester. Students, be aware that you can only exempt classes with a B or higher. If your grade falls below a B average prior to the end of the semester, students will be required to take the exam for that course. If you complete them before Friday, you may turn them into Student Affairs. Midterm exams will be held December 20th-23rd.

For any questions on scheduling click here.


Pinnacle Grades

Deerfield Beach High School uses an online grade system called Pinnacle. We invite you to use the Parent Viewer. The viewer allows parents and students to access real-time grades and attendance via the internet.

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Online Payments

Making payments for school activities, lunch, fundraisers is easier than ever! Everything is all in one place.

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Advertise with Us

We invite you to advertise your business on our campus! What better way to show your support for the community than advertising at the community school? Our banner program is economical and perfect for your business!

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Reporting Abuse

In order to meet compliance with State Statute Policy 5.3 requiring schools to display information regarding reporting of Child Abuse, Neglect, and abandonment, we have the correct process below.

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