Learning Science

Students learn science using hands on experiments during their AP science course.

That Serious Moment

Students focus in class to achieve top academic ratings. At DBHS we put academics first.

Marching Bucks

Our DBHS Marching Band takes pride in performing for the audience at our football games.

SMART FuturesOn June 9th the School Board of Broward County approved Resolution 14-88, which would put a $800 Million General Obligation Bond on the November 4th ballot. The proceeds of this bond will be utilized for capital improvements and to purchase technology for students and teachers. SMART stands for: Safety, Music & Arts, Athletics, Renovation and Technology. If you have questions about the SMART initiative or to learn about the District’s SMART Speakers Bureau, call 754-321-1104  
FREE LunchStudents need healthy meals to learn. Broward County Public Schools offer health, nutritious meals every school day. The cost of meals at Deerfield Beach High School are the following Breakfast $1.30 and Lunch $2.50. Students may qualify for free meals or reduced price meals. Reduced price is .30¢ for breakfast and .40¢ for lunch.To apply for Free or Reduced Price Meals, complete a meal application online at