Academic Integrity

Crest2015Academic integrity is the bedrock of the educational enterprise

At Deerfield Beach High School, we train the next generation of citizens, and society demands that our graduates be ethical, accountable, and respectful.

As a Buck, you share responsibility for academic integrity | You’re responsible for:

• Completing your academic assignments according to the expectations of each individual instructor
• Learning and demonstrating your individual level of competence through each assignment so that the instructor can evaluate and certify your knowledge and abilities
• Ensuring that you’re being honest, transparent, and accountable in all your student activities

Deerfield Beach High School’s academic community constructs new knowledge and invents solutions to perennial world problems, and society trusts that we do this in morally responsible ways with the utmost transparency, fairness, and responsibility. Without integrity, we fail to meet those expectations, the reputation and survival of DBHS is threatened, and the value of your diploma is diminished.

Academic misconduct is broadly defined as any prohibited and dishonest means to receive course credit, a higher grade, or avoid a lower grade. Academic misconduct misrepresents your knowledge and abilities, which undermines the instructor’s ability to determine how well you’re doing in the course.

Instructors have the authority to define academic integrity in their classes, because the expectations for academic conduct are tied directly to the objectives of the class. So there will be different rules and expectations for every class, and maybe every assignment in the same class!

However, you can generally assume the following rules apply unless the instructor tells you otherwise:

• Complete all academic assignments by yourself.
• Don’t use aids during an exam.
• Acknowledge and cite source material in your papers or assignments.
• Don’t alter a graded exam and submit for regrade.
• Don’t copy another student’s assignment, in part or in total, and submit it as your own work.

If you’re unsure about how to complete an academic assignment with integrity, talk to your instructor.