Girls Basketball

Head Coach | Portia Williams

2016-2017 Schedule

Varsity Basketball

Date School LocationTime
November 20thStranahanHome6:30pm
November 21stSouth BrowardAway7:30pm
November 30thMonarchAway6:30pm
December 5thTaravellaHome6:30pm
December 7thCoral SpringsAway6:30pm
December 8thCoral GladesAway6:30pm
December 11thCoral SpringsHome6:30pm
December 13thStoneman DouglasHome6:30pm
December 18thMacArthurHome7:30pm
December 21stHoover TournamentAwayTBD
December 22ndHoover TournamentAwayTBD
December 23rdHoover TournamentAwayTBD
December 24thHoover TournamentAwayTBD
December 28thOcala ShootoutAwayTBD
December 29thOcala ShootoutAwayTBD
January 9thMonarchHome6:30pm
January 12thTaravellaAway6:30pm
January 17thCoral GladesHome6:30pm
January 20thBoyd AndersonAway6:30pm
January 22ndStoneman DouglasAway6:30pm
January 24thSouth PlantationAway7:30pm
January 27thBlanche ElyHome6:30pm
The schedule above is subject change at anytime without notice.
Junior Varsity Basketball

Date School LocationTime
November 21stSouth BrowardAway6:00pm
November 30thMonarchAway4:00pm
December 5thTaravellaHome4:00pm
December 7thCoral SpringsAway4:00pm
December 8thCoral GladesAway4:00pm
December 11thCoral SpringsHome4:00pm
December 13thStoneman DouglasHome4:00pm
December 18thMacArthurHome6:00pm
January 9thMonarchHome4:00pm
January 12thTaravellaAway4:00pm
January 17thCoral GladesHome4:00pm
January 20thBoyd AndersonAway4:00pm
January 22ndStoneman DouglasAway4:00pm
January 24thSouth PlantationAway6:00pm
January 27thBlanche ElyHome4:00pm
The schedule above is subject change at anytime without notice

Deerfield Beach High School invites you to come out and show your BUCK PRIDE at all of the games listed above!