Boys Soccer

Head Coach | Frantz Edouard

2016-2017 Schedule

Varsity Soccer

Date School LocationTime
November 7thCoarl SpringsHome5:00pm
November 9thAtlanticAway6:00pm
November 10thCooper CityHome5:00pm
November 14thMirimarAway5:00pm
November 16thBoca RatonAway8:00pm
November 17thCypress BayHome7:00pm
November 21stDouglasAway5:00pm
November 22ndNortheastAway5:00pm
November 28thSpanish RiverHome6:00pm
November 30thMonarchaway4:00pm
December 1stTaravellaAway4:00pm
December 5thPiperHome7:00pm
December 6thCoral SpringsAway7:00pm
December 8thAtlanticHome8:00pm
December 12thWesternHome7:00pm
December 15thBoca RatonHome8:00pm
December 19thDouglasHome7:00pm
December 20thPompanoAway7:00pm
December 21stNovaAway7:00pm
January 10thSpanish RiverAway8:00pm
January 12thMonarchHome7:00pm
January 13thBlanche ElyAway5:00pm
January 16thPines CharterHome7:00pm
January 18thSouth PlantationAway4:00pm
January 20thST ThomasAway6:00pm
The schedule above is subject change at anytime without notice.


Deerfield Beach High School invites you to come out and show your BUCK PRIDE at all of the games listed above!