Box Tops For Education

Deerfield Beach High School’s Student Government Association is reaching out for your help! We have partnered with the Cross Creek Center  in Pompano Beach a center for students with disabilities which is a apart of the Broward County Public School System. The Student Government Association is collecting Box Tops For Education for the Cross Creek Center.

We are asking that you clip your Box Tops For Education and drop them off in our Student Affairs office to help a neighboring school. Box Tops for Education raises funds for schools Kindergarden thru eighth grades.

To learn more about the Cross Creek Center please visit their website by clicking here.


Box Tops For Education Overview

Ways to Earn Cash for the Cross Creek Center

Cash can be earned for the Cross Creek Center through the Box Tops for Education program in a variety of ways:

  1. The Clip program allows you to earn cash for the Cross Creek Center by clipping the Official pink Box Tops for Education “Box Tops” from the packages of hundreds of purchased participating products. A list of participating products may be accessed at
    1. In addition, from time to time participating products may carry extra on-package Box Tops during the year.
  2. eBoxTops credits can be earned for the Cross Creek Center through various programs. You can earn eBoxTops credits by:
    1. shopping online through the Box Tops for Education Marketplace (“Marketplace”) accessed at
    2. completing activities through the Click and Earn program and other programs offered through our partners and advertisers accessed at and as explained in more detail in Section IV.
    3. Participating in various online sweepstakes and contests.
    4. Participating in occasional online promotions, such as website sign-up and opt-in for email registration.
  3. Bonus Box Tops, in the form of a physical certificate received in a store during a special offer, as a non-electronic sweepstakes prize, as an on-pack peel-off certificate, and also as an extra on-package Bonus Box Tops offered from time to time throughout the year, as explained below.
  4. Bonus eBoxTops, in the form of a physical certificate featuring a code which must be redeemed online for Box Tops credit.

Promotions and Bonus Programs

From time to time, there may be promotional programs offered whereby schools may earn Bonus Box Tops and/or Bonus eBoxTops through participating in special promotions or sweepstakes. Each Bonus program will have specific redemption instructions that must be followed. Bonus Box Tops will be issued through a printed official Bonus Box Tops certificate or an on-pack Bonus Box Tops certificate. Bonus eBoxtops will be issued in the form of an official Bonus eBoxTops certificate with a code. When entered online, the code will automatically credit the designated school’s account. Information regarding Bonus Box Tops and Bonus eBoxTops programs can be accessed through

Maximum Annual Earning Amount

Each eligible school participating in the Box Tops for Education program may earn up to, but not more than, $20,000 cash per year (beginning on March 2 of every year) from the Clip program. There are no maximum annual earning limits for schools for eBoxTops credits, Bonus eBoxTops credits, or Bonus Box Tops. However, individual eBoxTops programs may have independent consumer earning limits based on transactions or activities.

Program Restrictions and Unacceptable Submissions

Box Tops and Bonus Box Tops certificates may be validly submitted only if they were clipped from product packaging by the final purchaser of the product contained in that packaging. Similarly, eBox Tops codes may be validly used only by the final purchaser of the product. By way of example, if Box Tops or Bonus Box Tops certificates are clipped from packaging material that is not part of the final sale of all components of the underlying product to the end purchaser of the product, submission of these Box Tops or Bonus Box Tops certificates is not permitted. In addition, the reproduction, modification, purchase, sale, or trade of Box Tops or Bonus Box Tops certificates (or any form of eBox Tops or Bonus eBox Tops) is not permitted, renders these items invalid, and renders any attempt to submit these items invalid. Moreover, any Box Tops or Bonus Box Tops certificates that have been defaced, mutilated, forged, rendered unreadable, or altered in any way, or that are missing expiration dates or alphanumeric codes are invalid and may not be submitted. UPC symbols are not a substitute for valid Box Tops and may not be submitted. General Mills reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject and to decline payment for (and/or permit other companies whose products participate in the Box Tops for Education Program to reject and to decline payment for) Box Tops or Bonus Box Tops certificates (or any form of eBox Tops or Bonus eBox Tops) in the event that General Mills determines, in its sole discretion, that they are invalid, expired, fraudulent, or otherwise prohibited by these Official Rules or that they are acquired, transferred, clipped, or submitted impermissibly, invalidly, fraudulently, or otherwise in a manner not permitted by these Official Rules. All submissions become the property of General Mills. When a school or school coordinator submits any form of Box Tops, failure to complete the online submission form for each submission package will invalidate the particular submission. Schools and/or coordinators are subject to expulsion from the Box Tops for Education program in the event that such school and/or any associated coordinator promotes the sale or purchase of Box Tops or Bonus Box Tops certificates, knowingly submits fraudulent Box Tops, or otherwise knowingly promotes activity that violates the rules in this paragraph.

Program Changes

General Mills, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel without obligation, or alter the terms of, the Box Tops for Education program at any time.