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The Panorama of the Year

Deerfield Beach High School has many traditions in which their senior classes take part and the Class of 2018 is about to be part of one of the biggest traditions a senior class can take part in: The Senior [...]

All or Some

As the end of the first semester approaches, students and teachers are preparing for the midterms.  As usual, Deerfield Beach High School is giving its students the opportunity to exempt three of their exams [...]

Senior Quotes

Quotes can be the most memorable words said by high school students in a yearbook. Deerfield Beach High School had been selling Senior Quotes to the Class of 2018, but now the sale has come to an end. The sale [...]

Bonjour Students!

The French Honor Society is a club where you get to learn about the French culture. Not to be confused with the French Club, the French Honor Society Club allows students to interact with each other through [...]

B.R.A.C.E Your Self

Some students may be feeling the stress of growing up and having to go to college. Ms. Davis The Broward Advisors for Continuing Education (B.R.A.C.E) Advisor is here to save the day! She is the person to see [...]

The Club for Relaxation

If anyone wants to be relaxed and cool or is looking for a place to get service hours, Crochet & Knitting Club is the place for them. Crotchet is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of [...]

Yearbooks Back In Business!

As memories are being made each day at Deerfield Beach High School, they are being placed in the school yearbook. Students have the opportunity to purchase a yearbook in order to keep those memories. However, [...]

The Time For Giving Thanks

As students count down the days until Winter Break, the holiday of Thanksgiving approaches. During this holiday, days are used to celebrate what each person is thankful for in the current year or to recover [...]

Senior Superstars

In the yearbook, there are various opportunities for students to be acknowledged. For example, there is the section of Senior Superlatives, a yearbook page representing the personalities of the senior class. [...]

High Marks

As the first semester of the school year comes to an end, Deerfield Beach High School is halfway through its second quarter. As students and staff are aware, the first quarter was extended due to Hurricane [...]