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Beware of the Flu

The annual virus season has begun; however, influenza is hitting harder than usual. Because of this, Deerfield Beach High School wants to inform parents and students about the disease, prevention methods, and [...]

Interpreting PSAT

The Practice Standard Assessment Test, or PSAT, was given at Deerfield Beach High School to all registered freshmen and sophomores on Wednesday, October 19th but now results are in. DBHS will be hosting a PSAT [...]

Halfway There

As Deerfield Beach High School students complete the first half of the third marking period, progress reports will be made to show students and parents the current path of the student. Interim reports allow [...]

Let’s Dual!

DBHS alumni, get a head start by entering in Dual Enrollment at Broward College. The program gives students an opportunity to participate in classes and experience college courses without having to pay any [...]

Every Drop Counts

Ever thought about how donating blood helps? Every two seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion and each donation can help save up to three lives. On Thursday, February 15th, Deerfield Beach High School will [...]

Wearing Buck Pride

Interested in a keepsake that brings back special moments while showi­ng off school spirit? Juniors can celebrate their DBHS Experience with a purchase of a class shirt. The Class of 2019 is selling shirts to [...]

Scheduling has Come

It's that time again… to get ready for the 2018-2019 school year which means Deerfield Beach High School will be hosting its annual Curriculum Fair and Activities Fair will take place Wednesday, February 7th [...]

Time To Attract That Application

Ever wanted to be apart of a magnet program? Deerfield Beach High offers a verity of programs that range from academics studies to career readiness skills. The 3 magnet programs DBHS offers are International [...]

A Walk to Remember

Yet again, another set of seniors are ready to take to the stage as the time has come to graduate. Once again, Nova Southern University (3301 College Ave, Fort Lauderhill, FL 33314) has been chosen as the [...]


Deerfield Beach High School has many ways to ensure its students are safe and well informed in order to prepare them for the real world. On Friday, February 9th, there will be a screening of the movie, [...]