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Deerfield Beach High School believes that physical exercise and conditioning are crucial to the health of every teenage boy and girl and that beginning the habits and routines of exercise at a young age is important to lifelong health. Physical activity is a key component in the Deerfield Beach High School curriculum.

In addition to exercise for the sake of health, DBHS is committed to the values taught by athletic competition. Sportsmanship, self-discipline, and perseverance are often learned through interscholastic sports. Most importantly, Deerfield Beach’s athletic teams provide an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect.


Deerfield Beach High School is proud of the behavior and sportsmanship displayed by its players, coaches, and supporters. We value healthy rivalry, encourage spirited and fair play, and appreciate positive support offered by spectators. Deerfield Beach players, coaches, and fans represent themselves, their teams, and their School with pride and poise. We treat visiting teams and officials as guests, extending to them every courtesy. We are modest in victory and gracious in defeat.

Below is a list of our athletic programs offered at Deerfield Beach High School. All students participating in any sport must maintain a GPA of a 2.0 or higher in order to remain eligible to play.

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FHSAA Division 8A

Sports Offered

The Deerfield Beach High School Athletic Program is proud to offer a complete set of dynamic sports catered towards team building and academic achievement. Below is a list of the sports offered to our students. 

Fall Sports

  • Varsity Football – Coach Glenn
  • Varsity Girls Volleyball – Coach Ambroise
  • Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball – Coach Danner
  • Boys Golf – Coach Johnston
  • Girls Golf – Coach Romance
  • Boys Swimming and Diving – Coach Wilson
  • Girls Swimming and Diving – Coach Wilson
  • Boys and Girls Cross Country – Coach Bolah
  • Cheerleading – Coach Bailey
Winter Sports

  • Boys Basketball – Coach Brown
  • Girls Basketball – Coach Williams
  • Girls Soccer – Coach Coleman
  • Boys Soccer – Coach Edouard
  • Wrestling – Coach Forbes
Spring Sports

  • Varsity Baseball – Coach Dobre
  • Junior Varsity Baseball – Coach Trento
  • Varsity Softball – Coach Coleman
  • Girls Track and Field – Coach Williams
  • Boys Track and Field – Coach Brown
  • Boys Volleyball – Coach Diebert
  • Boys Waterpolo – Coach Wilson
  • Girls Waterpolo – Coach Wilson
  • Varsity Flag Football – Coach Thomas
  • Junior Varsity Flag Football – Coach Scott
  • Boys and Girls Tennis – Coach Snow

Notable Alumni

The Deerfield Beach Athletic Program has cultivated many students who have grown to play sports with amazing teams. Below are just a few of our alumni and where they have played!

Alumni | FootballMarc Renaurd

Michigan State








Alumni | FootballCarlos Joseph

Univeristy of Miami








Alumni | FootballStochard McDougle








Alumni | FootballJoe Santy








Alumni | FootballTerrance Taylor








Alumni | FootballTodd Poitier








Alumni | FootballJimmie Overstreet









Alumni | FootballDerrick Crudip

Univeristy of Miami








Alumni | BasketballBeau Jenkins

Georgia State








Alumni | FootballTermaine Hall

New Orlans








Alumni | FootballJacob McCal










Alumni | FootballJason Pierre Paul










Alumni | BaseballMickey Storey









Alumni | BaseballMike Fiers









Alumni | BaseballJordan Hafer








Alumni | FootballBrent Schaeffer








Alumni | FootballJeremy Kellem

Middle Tenessee







Alumni | FootballPatrick Nemorin

Rutgers University

Alumni | FootballDenard Robinson








Alumni | FootballAdrian Witty