Incoming Freshmen

Class of 2018

Welcome to Deerfield Beach High School (DBHS), Home of the BUCKS! Whether you are arriving from another Broward County Public School, a private/parochial school, or are new to the Deerfield Beach area, we welcome you to DBHS. Our goal is to assist incoming freshmen in making a meaningful and enjoyable transition to high school. As you prepare for freshman year, please review the important dates below, or click on the tabs above to learn more about DBHS.

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Freshman Orientation

The Deerfield Beach High School Freshmen Orientation was held on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 5:00pm in the gymnasium.

There was a one – hour presentation about Deerfield Beach High School highlighting student expectations, student activities, and information about the Butler Scholarship, exclusive for DBHS students. After the presentation, students were able to pick up their schedules for the 2014-2015 school year. Students who were not able to attend Freshmen Orientation can pick-up schedules on Monday, August 18th in their First Period class. Students will be able to locate their first period class via the rosters that will be posted around campus. Ask any staff member for help!

NOTE : Any concerns regarding scheduling or registration should be handled in the Guidance Office during normal business hours of 7:15am-2:30pm.  If you should have any questions please call 754.322.0667.
SUMMER PROJECT | This will be your FIRST grade

To get off on the right foot, we are inviting you to start your high school career with a summer reading project. This will be the first grade you will receive as a high school freshman. All 9th graders should do one of the projects from the list below. Then on the first day of school, give the project to your English I teacher. If you’d like to read two books, you can also do a project and give it to your reading teacher on the first day of school. You may not use the same book project for both classes.

For a list of books that are approved for your project that is due the first day of school click here.

Review the activities below and choose ONE to complete for the first grade in August.

  1. Make a “wanted” poster for one of the characters or objects in your book. Include the following: (a) a drawing or cut out picture of the character or object, (b) a physical description of the character or object, (c) the character’s or object’s misdeeds (or deeds?), (d) other information about the character or object which is important, (e) the reward offered for the capture of the character or object.
  2. Draw a portrait of the main character and write a summary to accompany your sketch.
  3. Write a poem about one of the characters.
  4. Create a Top Ten List.  List ten things you have learned from the book.
  5. Draw an empty head and inside of it draw any symbols, words, or images that are bouncing around in the mind of the character of a story.
  6. Write a biographical sketch of one character. Fill in what you don’t find in the text using your own imagination.
  7. Create a Twitter or Instagram page for the main character.   Profile and pictures included.

Online Grades & Attendance | Pinnacle

Parents, Deerfield Beach High School uses a system-wide grade management program called Pinnacle. One of the most important features of this system is the Parent Internet Viewer. The viewer allows parents and students to access real-time grades and attendance via the internet. This is a wonderful too to stay up-to-date on how your child is progressing in his / her classes. The viewer allows you to receive email alerts when your child’s grade drops below a specified average or when your child is absent from a class. For more information about Pinnacle and to access the system click here.

Free & Reduced Lunch 

Students need healthy meals to learn. Broward County Public Schools offer health, nutritious meals every school day. The cost of meals at Deerfield Beach High School are the following Breakfast $1.30 and Lunch $2.50. Students may qualify for free meals or reduced price meals. Reduced price is .30¢ for breakfast and .40¢ for lunch.

To apply for Free or Reduced Price Meals, complete a meal application online at if you are unable to complete an application online please stop by our Student Affairs Office and see Ms. Martinez. After your application has been processed, notification of your child’s meal eligibility will be sent to the email address provided or through the postal service.


At Deerfield Beach High School we encourage EVERY student to get involved with athletics and extra curricular activities. Below highlights just a few opportunities that are available to you.

Activities and Leadership Opportunities

Extra-curricular offerings have always been an integral part of Deerfield Beach High School’s culture. Student activities, along with athletics and performing arts, were established almost simultaneously with the founding of the school.

The hallmark of Deerfield Beach High’s Student Activities Program is its profound depth and breadth. There is an opportunity for every Deerfield Beach High student who chooses to become involved. Many organizations have a history and tradition upon which they continue to build and grow, with some directly related to our first extracurricular options. Other clubs have been formed more recently to meet the ever-changing interests of today’s students.

Currently there are more than 50 different extra-curricular activities on campus. These range from student government to competitive academic teams to publication, political/activist, ethnic/cultural or special interest clubs.

Behind these active groups is a cadre of dedicated sponsors who are truly interested in providing students with an educational experience, one that broadens their involvement and enriches their lives. During each school year, the officers and heads of school organizations receive formal and informal training in leadership skills. Additionally, at the monthly Inter Club Council, activity officers and boards have the opportunity to meet with leaders from other Deerfield Beach High School clubs and organizations.Click here to visit the clubs page for more information in regards to meetings and what activities are hosted at school. 


At Deerfield Beach High School the goals of the athletics program are to provide participation opportunities that promote both positive sportsmanship and the value of competition. DBHS Athletic programs will provide an experience that fosters an emotional, physical and academic foundation for growth and well-being.

Interscholastic programs offered through the Athletic Department share common characteristics; a defined length of season, daily practices during the season that include Saturdays, competition against other schools and observation of both Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) eligibility standards and the behavioral standards of Deerfield Beach High School and the DBHS Athletic Department. You can read more about the FHSSA at Please feel free to contact the Athletic Office with specific questions about team expectations, the try-out process and other opportunities that may exist within their program. | 754.322.0671 | Click Here for the Athletics Page

Ten Tips for Deerfield Beach High School Freshmen

  1. Understand graduation requirements. Understand high school credits, GPA (grade point average) and attendance and behavior expectations.  Remember, every class counts!
  2. Know the name of at least one faculty member and student at the high school that you can ask for help. Ask questions of your teacher if you do not understand.
  3. Explore student organizations. Getting involved and staying active enhances your overall academic success.
  4. Keep an eye on upcoming events. Pay attention to grading periods, and announcements and write important dates in your planner.
  5. Become involved in your community by volunteering.  Volunteering experience will make your college resume shine.  It exposes you to different careers and broadens your horizons. You will need a minimum of 40 community service hours to meet your graduation requirements.
  6.  Set goals, plan and be organized.  Understand the attendance, grading, and tardy policies.
  7. Learn to breath – really. Deep breaths can help lower your stress.
  8. Be sure to map out your four-year plan. Take rigorous classes that challenge you and bring out your best.
  9. Ask for help!  Find out what tutoring or extra help is offered for academics (teachers, YMCA After School Program, counselors, etc.)
  10. Take ownership of your high school destiny!  Be an advocate for yourself!  Every moment counts!   Make the best of it!!!!!

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