Making the Road Safer

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As high school students continue their education in school, they will also be learning on the open road. Driver’s education is an important part of becoming a responsible adult and keeping communities safe. Driver’s Ed teaches the importance of road awareness and traffic safety for first-time drivers, allowing them to be better prepared when they finally head out on the road.

The BCPS created the driver’s education course with the goals of providing a program that ensures the safety of student drivers and providing hands on driving experience. In the course, students will go through hands on driving experience with the guidance of a licensed driver, and will learn about traffic rules, road signs, and even substance abuse.

The Driver Education Program is offered by Broward County Public Schools at 16 locations and is completely free of charge. Conveniently, one of the locations is at Deerfield Beach High School. Registration begins on Wednesday, January 10th online. The official start date is Saturday, January 20th.