Are You Ready For Inspection?

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Attention! The Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) is expecting a mandatory inspection. The inspection is to make sure that the MCJROTC program is up to par with all the Marine Corps regulations. The regulations include; tidiness, proper knowledge of the cadets, and making sure all the equipment is accounted for. If the MCJROTC manages to pass the inspection they will be able to continue as a program, but if they fail, the program will be put on probation and could possibly be terminated.

To prepare for the inspection, Master Gunnery Sergeant Gomez has put his cadets to work making them clean the armory, organize the uniform room, and practice their close order drill. When cleaning the armory, the cadets check for any rust and making sure the right parts are in place. When organizing the uniform room they make sure all the uniforms are accounted for and they are all clean. When practicing the close order drills, Master Gunnery Sergeant focuses on cadets understanding and executing the commands. They also focus on small details like the alignment and intensity.

The inspection will be held on Thursday, December 14th, all throughout the day. The close order drill will be inspected during the eighth period class. Director, MCJROTC Region 2 COL C.E. Delair will be in charge of the inspection. The MCJROTC members hope to pass inspection without any issues in order to continue MCJROTC experience.