Yearbooks Back In Business!

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As memories are being made each day at Deerfield Beach High School, they are being placed in the school yearbook. Students have the opportunity to purchase a yearbook in order to keep those memories. However, the longer they wait to buy the yearbook, the more they miss out on the offer.

Originally, the price was $60, now it has risen to $80. The price will not stay the same for the remainder of the year so purchases should be made as soon as possible before the price rises again. The 2017-2018 yearbooks are up to be pre-ordered and are being sold every minute. DBHS has the cheapest yearbook price in the entire county so students are urged to take advantage of the offer and purchase the student journal for $80.

Payment methods include money orders, cash, or online. Physical payments can be made in room 267, Mr. Radecki’s room.