Sharing is Caring

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As Thanksgiving approaches, Deerfield Beach High School has begun its annual food drive. The Harvest Food Drive is a way that DBHS tries to help families take part in a traditional thanksgiving dinner that they cannot provide themselves. Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach families are being asked to donate canned foods, boxed or bagged foods, or hygiene supplies in order to help.

The goal this year is to collect 6,000 items. There will be a point system for each item collected. There are special need items that will be worth more points, like Rice/Rice-A-Roni, Kraft Mac and Cheese, Butter, Canned Meats (chicken, ham, tuna), canned vegetables (carrots or green beans only), Stuffing, Chef Boyardee Pastas, Supplies, Pasta Salsa or Canned Tomatoes, Cooking oil/Cooking spray, Cereal, Granola Bars, Peanuts, Canned Fruit, Dried Fruit, Instant Mashed Potatoes, Toothpaste, First aid, and Paper goods (napkin, plates, etc.). The class that raises the most points will be rewarded an ice cream party or a pizza party and the winning teacher will receive an individual reward for their own hard work.

There will be a box provided in each classroom for students to leave their donated items. In order for families and others to receive the donated items everything will need to be turned in to Mr. Pizzo by the morning of Tuesday, November 21st in room 225.


Canned foods = 1 point each and must have the label.

Boxed or bagged foods or hygiene = 2 points each.

Special Need Items = 3 points each.