Say Yes to College Week!

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Hey, Deerfield Beach High School students, get ready to experience the most influential, educational week of DBHS’s history. On October 9th – 13th the Buck House will be taking part in this year’s college week. The whole purpose for conducting college week is to introduce young students to somewhat of how college life will be while having fun. Each day this week something new will be brought in, so take advantage and participate in these activities provided by the Broward County School District.

Monday, October 9th initiated the Deerfield’s college week by starting the day off with a college trivia question. These questions will start of the following days of the week followed by after school activities. Thursday, October 12th is application day, Broward College admissions counselors will be on campus ALL DAY encouraging student to apply at Broward Community College. Friday, October 13th will be college spirit day meaning all staff and students will be attired in college or military shirts. Also, the Marines will be showcasing their notorious pull-up competition along with other activities that will be held down at the rotunda, free prizes will be given out to participants. Friday, October 13th is the final day of college week so students should enjoy it while it lasts.