Broward Opens

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Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) schools will reopen on Monday, September 18th, following Hurricane Irma. District staff have surveyed campuses to ensure they are safe for students to return. In addition:

· School Buses: Safety is always the District’s highest priority. The BCPS Transportation Department will be operating school buses based on established schedules and routes. Bus routes may be delayed due to in-operable traffic signals or closed roadways. If a school bus stop cannot be reached due to debris, the school bus driver will find the safest, closest area adjacent to the stop to pick-up and drop off students. BCPS reached out to municipalities to ensure crossing guards will be in place and to provide heightened police presence to assist walkers navigating any temporary hazardous road conditions that may still exist their community.

· School Breakfasts and Lunches: BCPS understands that many families are still without power across our community and are dealing with the devastating impacts of Hurricane Irma. To ensure all students have access to healthy meals, the District will provide free breakfasts and free lunches to all students at all schools for the next several weeks. Meal menus may vary by school

In response to questions about possible hurricane make-up days, the BCPS has contacted the Florida Department of Education for guidance on the seven school days cancelled due to Hurricane Irma and whether the missed days will be waived or if make-up days will be mandated. BCPS will keep families and employees updated with the latest information as it becomes available from the state.

The District looks forward to welcoming all students and employees back to school on Monday, September 18, 2017.