Suns Out, Fun Out

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What time is it? Its summer time! The school year is finally coming to an end. After about 180 school days the school year will be ending on Friday, June 8th. The last day of school will be an early release day as well as a testing day for some students as they will be released at 11:57 AM due to exams.

As the school year ends, it also means that grades are closing up. Grades will close up Wednesday, June 6th. Report cards will be issued on Wednesday, June 27th. Students are recommended to check grades on pinnacle to assure that grades are accurate.

Summer will last for about 3 months, June to August. Students will be returning back to school on Monday, August 21st at 7:30 AM with a new block schedule for the entire school year. Bucks can check for their schedule on Broward Virtual Counselor to see classes before school starts.