Got Game?

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Although the academic school year is coming to an end, the season has not truly finished for the girls’ soccer team this year. Deerfield Beach High School’s Lady Bucks are beginning their training once again with Coach Coleman. He is focused on making the team more coordinated and well conditioned. The girls’ training will continue into the summer for preparation of next school year’s season.

In addition to the training session, the girls will be “in season”. They will be playing in a beach tournament towards the middle of July, as well as hitting the gym for weight training. Coleman and the team are hoping for a better turnout and better results. He claims that even though they might not be the best team in season, they will be the most conditioned.

Coach Coleman has also invited incoming freshmen and underclassmen from this year’s JV team to meet the Varsity girls during the summer. The incoming freshmen are being brought out for pre-training and pre-try outs for the school team, which will be held in late September to early October. If any underclassmen have questions about joining the team next year, see Coach Coleman in his office.