A Game of Scarlet and Gold

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With free admission, students will be able to watch the Scarlet and Gold game. On Friday, May 12th. Deerfield Beach high school will be hosting a community friendly football game. This game will be an intra squad game, as team members will compete against each other, to see who wins. The game will be held at Westside Park at 6pm. This will be their fourth annual game.

The purpose of this game is to unite the football players and give them a game like environment and prepare them for their spring game. The players are chosen to teams by whoever starts. The starting team will go as against each other and will be split into offense and defense. The left over players, secondary team, will play after the starting team game ends.

Along with this game there will be music, concession stands for food and a chance to take a picture with the bucks after the game. For more information, visit Coach Tozzi in his office during lunch or between classes.