Take a Bow Your Majesty

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Prom is a time where seniors get to surround themselves with their peers to let lose and enjoy themselves. The tradition that it holds makes the night more magnificent and special to a lot of people because there’s the prom king and queen that curiosity builds up for. Here at Deerfield Beach High, that tradition of crowning the prom king and queen will be held at Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina on May 13th, 2017.

Seniors that are attending prom are the ONLY ones allowed to vote for a prom king and a prom queen from a ballot of the finalists. Ones who are interesting in the position for prom king, queen, prince, or princess can pick up an application from Mr. Box in his office on Thursday, 27th, 2017. This application will be due on Friday May 5h, 2017. The voting poll will be taken place during A and B lunches on Wednesday, may 10th, 2017. If there’s any additional informational, Mr. Box will be willing to answer any questions in his office in guidance.