Butler Scholarship Closing

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The deadline for senior bucks to apply for Butler Scholarship is approaching. All required materials should be delivered to the BRACE Advisor Ms.Davis in the media center on Wednesday, April 19th, no later than 2:30pm. Online application and material that is required to be printed can be found on the Butler Scholarship tab.

The Butler Scholarship Foundation is one of the greatest benefits and unique opportunities for Deerfield Beach High School graduates. It was created in 1976 through the generosity of Alice W. Butler in memory of their children Evelyn Butler, Reba Butler, and J.D. Butler, Jr. It was her wish to assist students who graduated from Deerfield Beach High School that do not have financial privilege to pay the cost and expenses of college.

Students eligible for the scholarship must be a graduate of Deerfield Beach High School, enroll full-time (12 credits) each semester, and maintain a GPA of 2.0 for applicants who are currently high school seniors and 2.5 for applicants who are already in college or have already attended college.

For more information, see Ms.Davis in her office located in the media center.