Diversity, Prevention, & Intervention

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Bringing the health knowledge to students within walking distances. The Health Fair is coming back to A and B Lunches on Monday, April 3rd and at this event there will be many representatives in attendance. Some of these companies include, Diversity, Prevention, & Intervention Department from the Broward County Public Schools, Latinos Salud, World Aids Museum, and many more. Students will be informed about safe sex, sexual transmitted diseases, and can also get H.I.V. tested for free. Although this Health Fair is not mandatory to attend, the information that will be given ­out to students who do attend will be beneficial in a way were they can carry on the knowledge they learned on sexual awareness.

Being apart of a Broward County Public School will give the students an opportunity to learn about sexual transmitted diseases throughout their four years of high school. It can be important for individuals to learn about safe sex and how diseases are spread so that they will be prepared for the real world. With this being said, the Health will provide students with an opportunity to learn about these things. For further information on the Health Fair speak to Mr. May.