Legislating Youth Development

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Students in the national program, Youth in Government, proudly represented Deerfield Beach High School at the statewide convention in the state capitol. The bucks traveled to Tallahassee as delegates to present a bill to “congress” and experience the law-making process firsthand. With over seven hundred kids, the three-day trip involved a Governor’s Ball and State Assembly Rally for all delegates to participate in.

Youth in Government, or YIG, is a program that gives students the opportunity to voice perspectives and share values. The program is a part of the YMCA’s effort to serve communities by reaching out to youth and aiding in social responsibility and youth development.

To show appreciation for the bucks that participated in the convention with buck pride, the school would like to give a shout out Rashard Smith, Mekhila Castle, Paula Campos, Maria Campos, Alejandra Matta, Akira Hamilton, Dayna Ruan, and Alexis Edwards.