The Day of Blood

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A decision to donate blood at a blood drive or in general can save lives. Donated blood is used for blood transfusions needed by women with complications of pregnancy, people who have suffered trauma in an accident, malnourished patients, cancer patients, etc. There is a constant need for regular and healthy blood because blood can only be stored for so long.

Regular donations of healthy blood is needed to ensure that safe blood is available whenever and wherever it is needed. That is why for the second time this year Deerfield Beach High School will be hosting a blood drive. The minimum age that is welcome to sign up for the drive is 16 with parent permission. Students who are 18 do not need permission from a parent or guardian.

The sign ups for the blood drive are being held in front of the gym during both A and B Lunch. This charitable event will be held on Wednesday, February 22nd. The drive will be stationed in the school’s gym from 7:45AM to 2:00PM. Students who donate blood will receive two free movie tickets. It is not too late to join the drive, so students: make sure to sign up!