Holidays are Coming

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Exams are finishing at Deerfield Beach High School, so students are in the timeframe that grades will close for the end of second quarter. First students and staff members will close out 2016 at home for winter break, which is a two-week pause at the end December to the beginning of January.

All Broward County Public Schools are given this break to respect several holidays during this winter season. Due to many travel plans and imposing amount of absences for those who celebrate different religious holidays with family members during the month, it is easier to schedule schools to be closed. All staff members, as well as students; return the first week of January to close out the semester officially.

This year the students and staff members last day in school will be the same date Friday, December 23rd and everyone will return to campus Monday, January 9th. The students will have that Friday, January 13th off, as teachers will be entering the final grades for the second nine weeks. Plus Monday, January 16th Deerfield’s campus will be closed to observe Martin Luther King’s birthday. If there is any questions about BCPS calendar, access it on this website to help with future plans.