Get That Grade Get That “A”

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Preparations to organize this 2016-17 school year’s midterm week, Deerfield Beach High School students have been studying to complete the semester. Majority of students should be familiar with the routine as previous years have followed the same pattern. All Deerfield students were given an exemption form that is required to be signed by teachers with a maximum of three permitted exemptions based on student’s 1st & 2nd quarter grade. Failure to turn in exemption forms results in no approved exemptions leaving a particular student(s) to complete every exam periods 1st -7th. It is mandatory to have completed an exam in order to determine an overall grade for the semester.

Scheduling during midterm week, which is Tuesday, December 20th through Friday, December 23rd follows a bit differently than a normal school week. The schedule is posted for students to access throughout this process. Administrators will be productively working to make sure every student knows where and what class they will be attending as well as resolving any complications with exemptions. Deerfield Beach’s staff has already approved or denied many exemptions so teachers are able to enter grades and let students know who will be taking their test.