Swing and a Miss

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The bucks struck out this 2016 fall baseball season with a finished record of 2 wins, 4 ties, and 6 losses. Coach Vincent Tozzi, the head coach of the varsity baseball team, said this about the fall ball season, “ we had a great season with such a young team… our boys got a lot better throughout the year and I believe we have a fighting chance against some of these teams in the spring season.” He continued talking about how the bucks are, “…young and full of heart with a passion to play the sport.”

The Bucks had a difficult and frustrating season. With fall ball games they do not go into extra innings when the game is tied like usual spring baseball games. So 4 out of the 12 games played were unanswered on whom the better team was. The bucks proved themselves to be a worthy adversary among many good teams such as Pompano Beach High School, Cardinal Gibbons High, and Coral Glades High School.

The Bucks are preparing and training hard for the spring baseball season by practicing, conditioning, and training for an extremely tough district which features Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Monarch Knights High Schol, Piper High School, and Taravella High School.