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The 2016 QuestBridge Scholarship National College Match results are in and Deerfield Beach High School is proud to announce that 3 seniors will be awarded a guaranteed full, four year scholarship including tuition, room and board and other expenses to a top college.

There are 38 top colleges who are QuestBridge partners. Out of the original 14,491 applicants nationwide, only 767 were eventually “matched” and awarded a scholarship to one of these 38 colleges. Three of these applicants are Deerfield High School Bucks!

  • Senior Carlos Azpurua will be awarded a scholarship to University of Chicago worth $264,360.
  • Senior Felipe Fernandez will be awarded a scholarship to Macalester College worth $256, 644.
  • Senior Leticia Flores will be awarded a scholarship to Duke University worth $280,368.

Although Deerfield Beach High has had “matches” before, this is the first year there have been 3 “matched” scholarships.