Its Hall or Nothing’

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The Mentoring Tomorrows Leaders Program at Deerfield Beach High is always preparing their club members in succeeding after graduation. In order to prepare them with the tools needed for their future endeavors, they participate in college tours, mentor lower classmen, and participate in Study Hall.

Study Hall is an afterschool activity for MTL members only. Every Tuesday and Thursday, mentees and mentors meet in Rm. 130 from 3-4p.m to discuss future activities, talk about college and graduation, and interact with their mentees or mentors. It’s crucial for all MTL members to attend Study Hall to sharpen their mentoring skills, as well as to be up-to-date on any club activates. It is required for all MTL members to attend study hall at least once a week. For any questions, see Ms. Mara or Mr. Box in guidance.