Multi-Man Brawl!

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Following November24th- 25th One Acts Competitions and Individual Events, Deerfield Beach High School Thespians Club will be hosting another Super Smash Bros Game Night!

The previous Video game night took place during the month of September, and provided good results. For those students who missed September’s tournament, there’s no need to worry, as this upcoming Tourney will be a fresh start for past participants and a beginning try for newcomers. The event will be hosted Thursday, December 8th in the Auditorium at 2:45pm.

Competing in the Tourney does come with a cost to those eager to exploit their elite gaming skills. A fee of $5 per team and $6 per single player will be asked upon entrance to the game room, though speculation is free. Those gaining First and Second Places will be receiving fruitful awards as gaming comes to a close. Controllers will be available to those ready to brawl.

Concession will be sold in the lobby throughout the tournament, and for those who have any more questions see Mr. Nash in the Auditorium