A Card full of Cheer

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A festival of jolly is in the air, put it in a card and call it a Christmas gram. These merry grams are here for all of Deerfield Beach High School students to enjoy. This is the first year Deerfield High is participating in this new tradition and it will be the start of many more to come.

Christmas grams will begin selling Monday, November 28th and will end on Thursday, December 8th. The cost of this card full of joy is only $1 and it will be handed out to that special someone on Friday December 9th.


Christmas grams are little goodie bags full of treats that help spread love from one to another around. Its the time of year where everyone needs to feel loved and cared about. Students could use these grams to show how much they care for their friends and family by taking the time to order a gram. So students of Deerfield high don’t deny the Christmas pride and be one to invest in a Christmas gram.