Gear Up With The Scrubs

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Depicting careers can be an ultimate challenge throughout much of High School or teenage years. Providing interactions that involve off campus activity is one of the few responsibilities Deerfield Beach High’s HOSA organization partakes in on a daily basis. HOSA otherwise known as Health Occupation Students Of America encourages young & thriving students to aim in jobs that benefit health departments & promote knowledge in which DBHS members are guided to learn about medical fields & even volunteer in hospitals to maintain hands-on lessons from experienced nurses, doctors, etc. Deerfield’s HOSA members are currently studying to complete their medical administrative test known as CMAA.

Usual expenses for completing CMAA start at $1,500. HOSA has the advantage to take & retake each test for free every Tuesday & Thursday along with practices for Deerfield members that have placed internships who are required to leave everyday after B lunch at 12:45p.m., after signing in with Deerfield HOSA’s teacher Ms. Holgerson who also coordinates pre-HOSA. A club run by underclassman who have become curious for medicine and what it can bring as far as awareness in life threatening diseases such as breast cancer & many more. Health fairs & awareness walks are all put together by Deerfield’s pre-HOSA & their support to fight for better health.