Get out of School

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As Deerfield students come closer to their Winter break, they also get closer to exams. Midterms are the assessments high school students take the week before winter break. Every year Deerfield Beach High School allows students to exempt three of their seven midterm exams. Students were each handed personalized exemption form on Tuesday, November 29th by their first period teacher.

To exempt a class at Deerfield Beach students have to meet specific requirements. To begin with, DBHS requires students to have an A or B in the first and second nine weeks of a class they would like to exempt. Students are required to log on to pinnacle to acquire their current grade in each class and place a yes or no in the exemption column. After this is complete, they also have each of their teachers sign in the spaces provided. The last step before submitting the form is each Deerfield students must take the exemption form home to have their parents sign it as an approval and understanding that these are the tests their children will not be attending school for.

Students meeting those requirements have a week to get the signatures back to Student Affairs by 2:30pm on or before Friday, December 2nd. If students happen to not receive their form or lose them, they can go by Student Affairs and ask for one, but the deadline remains Friday, December 2nd. As this will give time for Deerfield to get the database updated so faculty members and students are prepared for this year Broward County Public Schools midterm exams dates, which are Tuesday, December 20th through Friday, December 23rd.