Smile For the Camera

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Class of 2017 is about to be part of one of the biggest traditions a senior class can partake in… get ready for the Panoramic Photo. The entire class will gather together in the gym on Thursday, December 1st during second period to take their group photo. Class Officers are reminding students to be dressed in the senior t-shirt to create unity.

The Senior Panoramic Photo is a Deerfield Beach High School annual practice that has been occurring since the school opened its doors in 1970. The purpose of the panoramic photo is to capture the entire Class of 2017 in one wide-view picture. This way all seniors can be seen together as a class. The students will line up in rows from tallest to shortest, though the front sections will be reserved for seniors whom have purchased their class shirts.

Students, who want those front row seats and have not bought their class shirts, can do so from home. As seniors still have a chance to put an order in with the online estore so they can be in by December. However ,the shirts are also being sold by Mr. Box who is located in guidance but t-shirts ordered after Wednesday, November 16th will not be on campus before the panoramic photo.