Coloring Outside the Lines

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Deerfield Beach High School has pride and appreciation for the diversity of its students; just one of the many organizations on campus trying to accomplish this is The Gay Straight Alliance club, or GSA. The Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network has a nationwide system of GSA chapters in high schools that are all trying to make a change in discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

The club is student-run group for LGBT+ and ally students to connect and create a better school environment. The chapter’s main goal is to help educate and provide a safe place for everyone. As they want to teach students about gender identity and sexuality issues, while socializing and making new friends.

Their door is always open for students who want to connect with their peers in a safe space. Join them afterschool every Wednesday in room 173 to be active with creating unity. Also students who have any questions may contact them through their active Twitter page @DBHS_gsa.