Sophomores are moving up!

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Class of 2019 is always looking for Deerfield Beach High students to join the conversation! This can happen on any given Tuesday, which is during their regular meetings days. The gatherings are meant to help create strategies and future plans concerning Class of 2019.

Any Class of 2019 student interested in helping create future class events and receiving community service hours needs to participate within the weekly meetings. Join the discussions between class members as they plan for the next three years as a Buck. This is a perfect time since officers are currently starting fundraiser topics that can help make senior year cheaper. A moneymaker being planned is the Christmas Gram, where students will be able to purchase goodies with a message delivered to someone special for only $2.00.

If any students were to have any questions concerning the meeting or events for Class of 2019, feel free to ask any class council member or Ms. Hesser in room 161. There will also be a meeting held on Tuesday, November 15th in the sponsor’s room 161 at 2:45p.m.