It’s Time to Duel

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Want to play cards in school without getting in trouble? If so students are in luck. Yu-Gi-Oh is a manga series about gaming written and illustrated by Kausuki Takahashi. There are many series and concepts of the Yu-Gi-Oh show but are all concentrated around the card playing game. It involves fictional characters that battle against each other. The characters are usually given a bad guy or good guy role. The Yu-Gi-Oh shows tends to have a good versus evil theme where the characters use the card playing games to determine who is the victor and settle problems.

The Yu-Gi-Oh Club is at Deerfield Beach High School. Ms. Santy, a language arts English teacher, sponsors the Yu-Gi-Oh Club. The club meets every Thursday at 2:45pm in the 500 building in room 517. The club members bring Yu-Gi-Oh cards and battle against each other. The club also has tournaments that happen within the club. At the end of the tournament the victor receive prizes such as gift cards, gaming cards, or money.

The club is open to anyone who is interested in Yu-Gi_Oh. Students can contact Ms. Santy via email at or show up to one of the club’s meeting.