241st Birthday Celebration

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Every citizen knows Veteran’s Day is on Friday, November 11th of every year, but how many know the Marine Corps’ birthday is Thursday, November 10th? This holiday is celebrated to honor the Marines for what they have done for the United States all over the world.

This holiday was requested and formalized by General John A. Lejeune and Commandant Lemuel C. Sheperd in November of 1952. Here at Deerfield Beach High School, the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps will be celebrating the Birthday on Monday, November 7th due to the interesting Broward County Public Schools’ schedule.

The DBHS gymnasium will host the festivity for the cadets during sixth and seventh hour. This will include different kinds of events where the color guard team and special class cadets will be participating in. There will be a cake in honor of this celebration, and several speeches will be given. Drill team commander, Bianca Williams, will also attend and give a speech to honor the U.S.A. Marines all over the world.