A Sweet Treat

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Hungry, need a quick snack? Stop by corridor 140 where Deerfield Beach High School Culinary Arts students will be selling cookies at the price of one dollar. These cookies will be sold during A and B lunch every day, except for half days and days that there are Bucks Diner.

These cookies are prepared and sold in the culinary kitchen by our very own DBHS students. The cookies are premade and baked in the oven until perfection. Their instructor Ms. McKay, who is also the teacher who runs this program, trains these students. They have a wide variety of cookies, which include chocolate chip, sugar, macadamia, oatmeal and peanut butter. Every lunch there are 90 cookies that are sold in pack of twos.

The culinary program helps fund the Family, Career and community Leaders of America program, which promotes personal growth and leadership development through family and Consumer Sciences education. FCCLA members learn how to prepare for adulthood. Help the Culinary Arts Program to fund the FCCLA by purchasing a cookie today.