The Greatest Wealth Is Health

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As quoted from Benjamin Franklin “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Therefore, Deerfield Beach High School will be presenting its 2nd Anual Health Fair in the school’s gymnasium. The fair will take place on Thursday, November 3rd from 7:30 – 11:30 A.M. The Health Fair serves to promote national awareness, and aid in preventing mental or physical trauma. DBHS will give the students an opportunity to focus on public health problems that are affecting people globally.

The Health Occupation Student Association ( HOSA ) members will present projects ranging from awareness to diseases that fall in areas of concern for teens , sponsored by Ms. Holgerson. In addition they’ll grant information on how the diseases are handled and their effects. The members will be divided into stations across the gym. There will be a drowning prevention stand to bring about safety tips when swimming. Skin Cancer being an abnormal growth of cells will also be brought to attention to advise to use sunscreen protection and unhealthy tanning. Diabetes Awareness will be the third stand to present what causes it, how to avoid it, and the statistics of how much people have it. The healthy eating station serves to show the proportions of a balanced meal as a major energy enhancement. High blood pressure stations, height and weight check stations will also be available for the bucks to check out.

The HOSA Members aren’t the only presentors there will be multiple associations and departments. The DBHS Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) sponsored by Ms. Williams, will also be on spot to let students know that everyone is accepted as is and enhance support to be oneself. The Broward Health Care Department, the Broward House Pride Center, Latinos Salud, & Planned Parenthood is also joining the Health Fair this year.

Science classes and Physical Education classes will be attending the health fair accordingly. For more information on this event see Ms. Corbin in portable 12.