Drip, Drip, Drip

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Blood is made up of four main components; Red blood cells, platelets, plasma and white blood cells. Each whole blood donation has the potential to save up to three lives. Deerfield Beach High’s students can let their Buck Pride show by letting their blood type lead the way to share a powerful lifesaving gift.

The annual DBHS blood drive is here with Class of 2017 hosting it in the gym all day Thursday, November 3rd. OneBlood will be here to draw Deerfield Beach’s blood. Anyone interested in being a donor must be 16 years old and older and must sign up with Mr. Box in guidance. However, All students must have a permission slip signed by their parents, including those who are 18 due to the Zika virus. Students can start registration on Wednesday, November 2nd during A and B Lunch in front of the rotunda.

OneBlood is a not-for-profit community asset responsible for providing safe, available and affordable blood. To enhance the health and well-being of others through their work with blood and stem cell products and by facilitating scientific research. If there any questions visit Mr. Box in the guidance office, or visit OneBlood for more information.