Class Council needs students

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Deerfield Beach High School tries to make sure class council is active within the school year. This is no exception for the sophomores as they are continuously interested in students to be part of Class of 2019. The officers make it easy to remember when the meeting days are as they meet every Tuesday. The meeting times and location remains the same, as Class of 2019 officers meet at 2:45p.m. in room 161 with Ms. Shelby.

Each meeting will discuss various topics about activities for students to do as well as have fun. This club allows students to freely express themselves and their creative ideas. Each member plans and cooperates with each other to come up with fun memorable events to do as well as raise money for the sophomore class creating a cheaper senior year. They also help out at pep rally’s, football games, and sell shirts for the 2019 class.

Students develop many skills such as leadership, teamwork, organization, and determination in this club. Check the Class of 2019 website, see Ms. Shelby or any other sophomore class members for questions or more information. Join to represent and support the Class of 2019.