Undefeated No More

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The Boys’ Junior Varsity Football team took on a tough opponent when playing Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Raiders. The Mighty Bucks wanted a challenge on Wednesday, October 19th that put their two year undefeated record at risk. The Beach Boys haven’t given up a touchdown all season until the first quarter of this game, putting the Aquinas’ Raiders up 7-0. The Raiders scored a defensive touchdown off a sack.

At halftime the Raiders held the Bucks to no touchdowns. Throughout the third quarter the Bucks did not score, but the Raiders scored a field goal making it 10-0. With one of the star receivers Kingsley Grissett out due to an injury earlier in the game, the Bucks had one more quarter to make something happen. With the fourth quarter about to begin, the Raiders had the ball and kicked a field goal making it 13-0.

With a fumble in Raider territory the Bucks capitalized and scored a passing touchdown. The Deerfield Boys’ couldn’t score the two point conversion making it 13-6. After the kick off the Raiders fumbled again giving the Bucks another chance. With a sack from the Raiders, a quarterback fumbled ended the game for the Mighty Bucks.