It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!

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Deerfield Beach High School is celebrating National Lunch Week for the everyday staff helping feed the students daily! To be apart of this week, head to the cafeteria during A or B Lunch.

President John F. Kennedy created national School Lunch Week in 1962 with the main goal to celebrate the benefits of the National School Lunch Program. This is the largest federal child nutrition program in America. Every year there is a specific week to recognize the National School Lunch Program. This year it is on Wednesday, October 12th through the Wednesday, October 19th .

The National School Lunch Program is assisted by the federal government. They provide nutritionally balanced food. The lunch that is provided is low-cost or free for the exception of some students. Eat and celebrate with the National School Lunch Program at your school by purchasing. For more information on school’s food programs click here.