Calling All Seniors!

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An important senior assembly took place on Tuesday, October 11th concerning graduation, prom, volunteer hours and more. The senior class got clarifications about the upcoming events and deadlines. The first deadline to watch out for is Thursday, October 27th which is the last day to submit and pay $3 for the senior quote to Mr. Radecki. Any students that have not taken their senior pictures, they can be taken on Wednesday, October 19th at the school by signing up with Mr. Radecki and paying $10 prior to this date. It was also announced that the senior panoramic will take place on Thursday, December 1st in the gym. All seniors that want to participate should wear their senior class tee shirts.
Many senior merchandise was also presented at the assembly provided by Broward’s own Herff Jones. Among these are tee shirts, shorts, socks, stickers, backpacks and much more. There are packages available online for purchase with a $100 deposit or full payment. Cap and gown rentals were also brought up at the meeting. On graduation day, the cap and gown must be returned as soon as the ceremony is over. They are available for order now online at the Herff Jones website. For online orders, there are pickup days at the school on Wednesday, October 19th from 5- 7 pm and on Thursday, October 20th and Friday, 21st during A and B lunch.
Other very important dates like the Grad Bash, Prom and Senior Breakfast were also mentioned. All the deadlines and prices to these appear on a pink sheet of paper that was handed to the students at the beginning of the assembly. Dates to look out for are Monday, October 17th which is when Grad Bash tickets will go on sale and Tuesday, November 1st to Wednesday, November 30th where prom tickets will be $100 for the first 50 students, after that the original price is $125. Concerning volunteer hours, students can earn 10 hours working at the polls on Tuesday, November 8th. For more information about senior class activities, students can talked to Mr. Box or Class Officers.