A Helpful PSA for the PSAT

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The Practice Standard Assessment Test, or PSAT, will be given at Deerfield Beach High School to all registered freshmen and sophomores. The test will be administered Wednesday, October 19th starting at 7:30 am. This test will alter the bell schedule for the remainder of the day, as first hour will be held into fifth hour normal time frame. This will allow plenty of time for 9th and 10th graders taking the free test. There is a select amount of juniors whom paid $15.00 for the test that will be taking the test.

Since the PSAT is considered practice for the SAT, colleges do not look at students’ scores but Deerfield Beach is taking the test serious. As the test is divided into Reading, Writing and Math, and helps students identify academic weaknesses that can be worked on. Still, strong scores can lead to scholarships and in some cases can mean an entry into the National Merit Scholarship Program for juniors.

Students are encouraged to be on time to take this as it is a useful practice test for the SAT, which is a test often, looked at by college admissions. This does not mean the non-testing Deerfield Beach students will have nothing to do. The senior class will have a Naviance/Family Connection Lab plus FAFSA assistance from Broward College Financial Aid advisors. And there are still select students who must take/pass the FSA Writing portion of their graduation requirement. So all DBHS students should check the main mall for testing locations or altered room assignments.