The Unknown Heroes

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Buck Pride is upon Deerfield Beach High School and so is the third annual McDougle Bowl! This is one of the most anticipated rivalries regarding the Deerfield football team which includes a pep rally this coming Friday to energize both the team, and the students. As the Beach Boys prepare themselves for a war on the battlegrounds of Butler Stadium, the Student Government Association decided the student body should remember those who were lost on a very different battleground. The field, SGA is referencing is located in The Big Apple just 15 years ago.
SGA has chosen that the students of DBHS will pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the attacks on 9/11 by wearing a super hero shirt of any kind during the pep rally this Friday. Wearing a super hero shirt represents every single man, women, or child, no matter the race, ethnicity, or gender that were lost in the attacks 15 years ago. It stands for the family members of the ones who were left behind that in the worst times had to stand strong and become hero’s of their own in a nation that was filled with sadness and remorse. It also stand for those brave first responding men and women, as well as average citizens who put on a cape and mask to help out those who needed it, and at points placed their very own lives at risk for a stranger. That is why the unknown heroes will always be remembered, and will be honored at the pep rally next Friday.
On September 11th 2001, the life of every American changed. Two commercial flight airplanes flew into the twin Towers of The World Trade Center in New York City which caused both buildings to explode and crumbled to the ground with everyone who was trapped, inside. Simultaneously, a plane was flown into the Pentagon located on the outskirts of Washington D.C and a fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Over 3,000 people died in the attacks and are known as one of the worst days in American History.