Ready for College?

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Are there any Bucks that don’t have any plans for the summer? If so there’s a new summer program that’s being offered by Deerfield Beach High School, that not only keeps Students busy by providing them with educational work during the summer. But it also molds academic skills and keeps or improves them. Recent studies have shown that students from K-12 forget about 90% of what was learned during the school year. But with programs such as this one prevents that from happening.
The College & Career Readiness Life Skills program will be held at DBHS in room 504. The program will begin Wednesday June 13th and end Thursday July 28th. It will be every week Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Transportation will be provided to all students who attend by the Broward County School Board.
The goal of this event is to enrich academic, reading, English and writing skills. Some of the activities that’s planned out for students to do include reading articles, researching a variety of different topics, creating skits, and acting. Food will also be provided to those who attend, breakfast will be served when students arrive to school and later receive lunch, as they are about to leave.
If there’s any students wanting to participate in this program. Print this pdf and turn it in to Student Affairs.