Clock out, before it is too late!

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Community Service Hours are an essential part of a high school student’s life as it is a graduation requirement. Students must have at least 40 hours by the end of their senior year to walk across that stage and earn their diploma. Hours can also benefit a student in more ways than one. Devoting time into community service can make a typical college applicant stand out by making them look like a more desirable candidate to admissions officers.

Gaining a lot of Community Service Hours can also give a students a lot of opportunities for scholarships, which require service hours such as the Bright Futures Scholarship which rewards students a compensation for every hour they get.

The guidance office at Deerfield Beach High School has the service forms and approval forms available for all students. All community service forms are due before June 3rd, 2016. They can be turned in to a student’s grade level guidance counselor. Any questions can be taken to the guidance office at DBHS aswell.