Fun in the Sun

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Having some fun in the Florida sun! Deerfield Beach High’s JROTC members/students are had a field day Wednesday, May 18th on the football field. The ROTC members work hard every Friday during their physical training and this is their one day of excitement. The field day will last from 1st period to 5th period (7:30-12:00).

Unlike the physical trainings they have on Fridays, the field day was filled with engaging activities. The students played a verity of games and they got physical training out of it as well. They played tug of war, capture the flag and dizzy dizzy. In the midst of pulling ropes, finding flags, and spinning on bats, the ROTC members got a hard work out.

JROTC held field day in order to promote fitness and wellness to their members. They hope to ensure that members maintain a healthy lifestyle by implementing healthy habits and discipline. Fitness is essential and a vital aspect the program enforces.