Science Eye’s Tour Ride

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Education went beyond sitting inside a classroom listening to teachers ramble about subjects. Biology students of Deerfield Beach High were able to capture a new opportunity of hands on learning about ecosystems and field studies. Accompanied by chaperones and experienced instructors kids were directed and informed on walk trails that included a variety of wild life such as flamingos.

This trip was an all day trip from 1st period to 5th period on Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 20th. With close supervision, these students got the chance to use more than one of their senses to gain knowledge on one of Florida’s main attractions known as the everglades. Students were provided with a safety checklist in order to thoroughly be informed upon what rules would be applied and what clothing and material to bring along the trip.

Biology teachers Ms. Caputo and Ms. Delance organized this field trip with the help of instructors known as “Science Eye’s” and provided mandatory meeting weeks before as a gateway to expand curiosity between biology students of DBHS and the depths of nature. Along with the trails teachers and students participated in a boat ride that included mud and sea grass. Water related studies and many other tangible activities also took place.